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Friday, 1 August 2008

Harry & Martha.........

For anyone who pops by my blog from time to time, these lil characters you will have already seen........ 'Harry & Martha'.
I had the pleasure of receiving them a few days ago & it really is lovely to see them as stamps. I originally drew them one day whilst I was a little bored & never intended much for them, until the very lovely Kitty at Spiral Whisper said she would be interested in making them up into stamps. For this I'm most grateful, thank you Kitty!

I'd also like to say a huge thank you for all the comments I've received regarding the post below....'thank you!'.
To answer a few questions, they are all girlies this time & as yet there are no boys. However, just out of interest what would you like to see if I were to do some boys?!.............if you think of anything in particular I'd love to know.

Hugs, Kerry xxx


Lavender stamper said...

What would I like to see?
New mum & dad with dad carrying a baby in a sling.
Male mechanic, Some cute guys ( I have some gay friends and cards for gay men are quite hard )
Man putting up Christmas decorations.
Man hanging up the mistletoe.
Boy Goth
Man decorating or Diy
BBQ man

I will have a think some more


Sandra said...

Hi Kerry,got my set of these this week,check out my blog i put something on this morning you might like to see.
Sandra x

Pink Dandelion said...

Fab stamps Kerry, congratulations. For your next set I would like to see:

Man/boy playing guitar
Man/boy playing computer game
Man/boy hiker
Man/boy cycling

Amanda Davies said...

Hi Kerry
I have bought the first set and quite a few of the new set and love them. I would love to see the cowboy you had on a card a while ago and maybe a matching cowgirl. Would also love a set of teenage boys similar to the cool dude freebie, basketball, mobile phone, ipod etc.

Can't wait to see your new creations.


Crafty Sarah said...

They are wonderful stamps Kerry. WIth regards to male stamps I would love to see any of the following:

Mountain Biker

Can't wait to see more new ones!


Vicky said...

Wow Kerry these are fab. You must be some proud!
Along the male themed stamps I think I'd like to see:
mechanic/DIY character
Something christmassy-hangin up decorations etc (as lavender stamper said)
Young boy with bike/football etc.

I've yet to treat myself to a set of your stamps. They are on my wish list!
Hugs, Vicky x

Jilli said...

Hi Kerry, I'd like to see all of the above and perhaps a male in a car for passing driving test and one on a scooter! It doesn't really matter too much cos they'll be fab anyway! Jillix

maria's cards said...

Hi Kerry, I recieved my set of these stamps this week and have posted a few cards made with them. I think they are great. I too liked the style of the cool dude freebie. Would also like to see couple with a baby and maybe something for a teenager passing their exams. Keep up the Excellent job you are doing Kerry. Maria x

Vicki said...

Hiya Kerry, I'm soooo happy for your that Harry & Martha have been made into stamps too, you must be thrilled, huge congrats to you.

As for future boys stamps, there's been some great suggestions so far, I'd like to add:-

A boy fishing/rugby/snooker
A boy with bike/skateboard/rollerblades
A boy with his dad
Dad with mistletoe or any other xmas decorations
Man xmas shopping with his wife and not looking too!!

oooo Kerry you've done it now, you'll not be able to put your pen down for all these!!! Hope you all have a great weekend too xx vicki xx

Julie said...

They look the packaging too. I bet you just keep looking at I`m very proud of you!...well done.x

Zoe said...

They are fab! You must be so happy to see them as stamps! Well done, I'm so pleased for you.