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Thursday, 20 March 2008

A few of my fav cards....

Hello to all. I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments & welcomes I have received, I think my days have now been shortened, what with all the fantastic blogs I now want to look
I've been looking back at the cards I've been making since last summer& thought I would share some of my favs with you. (apologies for peeps from docrafts who have seen them before.) I'm always very critical of everything I do so most of the time I feel I could have done it a little better, much to hubbys annoyance as he has to listen to me wittering on. In my previous life 'before children' I worked as a design engineer so I'm used to mechanical drawing (cad), things been measured & specific etc... To an extent I still do this with my card making, which results in me probably taking far to much time over everything & not just putting things anywhere as such. Mental note..need to get out of this, then I'd be able to make
Anyway here they are,

I think this was one of my first doodles last summer, I downloaded the paper off the web & came up with the image. I always wanted her to have red & blue hair......don't know why.

Wrote the sentiment & adapted a die cut of a nappy pin, the chain was off a keyring my son never used. My 'punk rocker' was born.

Once I started, I had all sorts of ideas, some were inspired by papers others by themselves. This was another one which I couldn't wait to make into a card & see it finished. The spider on the top was made from pipe cleaners. Originally I made a spider from fimo clay & was going to attach it somehow, but the legs kept falling off. Don't think I'm to good with My youngest son didn't like this as the spider scared him. Again the paper was a download, I think from epson. Sentiment, rub ons.

'Tres chic' I drew this one then found a paper to suit from shabby princess. I entered this card into a comp on docrafts & was really pleased when it got through to the last 30, wasn't going to enter but sil talked me into it.

Sentiment hand wrote & lovely black feathers used....ohh la

I drew this lil girl & made it into a card for my eldest son to give to his friend. I was pleased with how simple but effective it turned out. Sentiment was printed from computer.

This is one of my girlie pirates, she & a couple of others came about because of the paper. 'Rusty Pickle - Pirate Princess' papers, I bought them from the nec show last November & loved them. The next day I sat down & started doodling, but then didn't make the cards up for a while.

Just had fun with this one & its embellishments.

Here is the last one. (hope I haven't sent anyone to sleep...)
This is my 'Gothic Fairy' I wanted to make a black & red themed card so came up with this image.
Sorry, can't remember what make the dotty paper was but I made my own text backing paper. The metal part (not sure what to call it) of the embellishment is from an old braclet I had that I never wore.
The fairy was covered in anita's 3d gloss so as she stood out more. I was really pleased with how she turned out.

Thank you for letting me share my favs with you. Oops have babbled on again, second mental note...........make my posts
Kerry xxx


Vicki said...

Hi Kerry, your blog is looking terrific. What a lovely family you have. Great to see all of those cards again, some of which I had forgotten about. As much as I love 'tres chic' my absolute fav are your ballerina cards, the one you have on show is absolutely gorgeous, but I think there was another bending down which I loved. Great to learn a little more about you too. Your right though, the unmentionable will NEVER get done now ...pmsl... xx vicki xx

Noleen said...

OMG Kerry your cards are fantastic, those doodles really are something special i dont think it will be too long before you are snapped up by some design team!!!! Noleen xx

NattyK said...

Great cards Kerry, you are very talented creating your own images like this, they look like they have been stamped, they are so professional. x

Joana said...

HI Kerry your cards are gorgeous , i would love to know about the pirate girl she looks lovely is she a stamp ?
look forward to pop in again in you blog

Cass said...

Fantastic cards Kerry.Even though I've seen them on Docrafts I never bore of seeing them.Blog's looking fab!

Michelle said...

Hi Kerry. Thank you for sharing your favourite cards with us. I love them all but I would go with Vicki, my fav is the ballerina, so so pretty. You are so very talented and I love looking at your cards :0) x

Julie said...

Hi Kerry, I love the ballerina and the tres chic one but they're all fab.

NattyK said...

Hi Kerry

I have given you an award, please see my blog for details.

Natalie x

Zoe said...

Hi Kerry, I've been an admirer of your cards on Docrafts for some time now. They are all gorgeous and very individual with your own doodles. You are so clever to be able to draw like that. I wish I could, it would save my husband a fortune! Zoex

Lavender stamper said...

Hi Kerry Jo

I never tire of looking at your latest creative offerings & am still awaiting news of the stamps.... The images you draw are wonderful, I am so glad you have started a blog I can pop by for inspiration, keep up the good work & keep in touch about the stamps.
I do love my daily blog.
Happy Crafting
Lisa (picklescards) aka lavender-stamper