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Sunday, 25 May 2008

A few awards....

Over the last week I've had the pleasure of receiving a few awards of which I am truely grateful.

You rock my socks, this fab award, with very cool socks has been passed onto me by the lovley Vikki, (Vixx-a-craftin) thank you so much Vikki & for your very kind comments.

I now have to pass this to 3 fellow bloggers. Apologies if you have already received this ladies, but, here goes.......Cass (Pour some sugar on me) think the title of the award fits & because I love popping over to her blog & having a nosey, whilst listening to great music! Zoe (A personal touch) I really love the style of Zoe's cards & again love having a nosey at her blog. And, last but by no means least Katy (Katy's bloggeroo) yummy yummy cards!! If you haven't come across any of these blogs please go check them out, they are all fab!!

Next I have received three, all from the very lovely Jo (Boots blogspot) 'You make my day', 'Arte Y Pico' & 'Blogging with a pupose'. The first two of these I have received previously so if you wouldn't mind Jo I'm just going to mention them......think I might have run out of peeps to pass them on to aswell lol, but huge thank you's for them.

The third being this, bloggin with a purpose. Again thank you so much Jo, it's most kind of you to want to pass them onto me. Jo has only recently started her blog but by the sounds of it is already hooked! Go check it out, it's fab.

Again, I need to pass this forward to fellow really doesn't get any easier, so many to pass it onto but at the same time so many already received
Anyway apologies again if you have already received this one but......Vicki (Paperlicious oasis) I'd say it's probably because of Vicki that I decided to start my own blog, so if anyone doesn't like my lil blog it's Vicki's fault........hehe, only joking!! Also, huge thank you Vicki for passing the circle of friends on to me, right back at you!!
Going back further, Michelle (Card Grotto) her cards since I first saw them on DoCrafts have always given such inspiration, a very talented lady. Also, as today is Michelle's birthday. 'Happy Birthday!'
Again, last but by no means least, Jools. (Simply Jools) All of this is her She started this hobby of mine & got me into the mess I'm in today.....cheers Jool, I think...pmsl!
I love each of these blogs too, so if you get the chance pop over & see them!

Thank you, Kerry xxx


Boots the Monkey (Jo) said...

It was an absolute pleasure to pass them onto you Kerry. I shall be keeping up to date with your success !

Jo x

Michelle said...

Aw, thank you so much Kerry for the lovely award and message. I will add it to my other post if that is ok with you. You know how much I love your cards and doodles and have been busy having a play with my new Kerryjo stamps :0) Hope you are having a lovely weekend xx

Cass said...

Thanks for the award Kerry.Anything to do with rock and I'm
I'll pop it onto my blog later when I get a bit more time,along with some cards.

Cass xxx

Vicki said...

aaawww!!! thanks Kerry, that's lovely of you. Will put it on my blog later, got so much to catch up with on my blog.

I dunno...I get the blame for everything...hehe!!! pmsl (only joking). So glad you got yourself a blog, it's been great getting to know you. (((hugs))) xx vicki xx

katy said...

Hi kerry,thank you so much for the award,how lovely of you,cheered me up no end as im full of cold:( atishoooo,see? lol