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Thursday, 15 May 2008

OMG!!!!!!............ I never expected this reaction, thank you all sooooo much from a very overwhelmed me. Don't really know what else to say.

Have been having pm's to say that if you phone Debbi Moore Design's you can order them over the phone, but that they won't actually appear on the site til the weekend.

Enormous hugs to all my blogging buddies & Docrafts buddies, thank you!!!!!!
Kerry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Updated: Stamps are now on Debbi Moore Designs!!


Manda said...

OMG Kerry, how cool is that! I made a card with one of your doodles a few days ago and it was so nice to colour in, I will definately be buying some now I'm able. Well done hunny and well deserved!

I've put a linke to your blog from mine telling peeps about your stamps. Hope you don't mind, Mand xxxx

Vicki said...

aawwwwww!!! bless.

Kerry, you soooooo deserve this. I ordered mine by phone this morning. Just noticed them on Debbi Moores site. How exciting Woo Hoooooooooo!!!!! I really can't believe this day has come. Goodness only knows what you are going through......he! he! isn't it great.....pmsl!!! I can't stop smiling to myself, the kids think I've gone batty (nothing new there then)

(((((hugs))))) xx vicki xx

ps. love the johny hates jazz song, wow what a blast from the past, a golden oldie for Leigh & I, so many memories.

Jilli said...

Hi Kerry, just ordered mine from Debbi Moore, can't wait to get them and have a good play with them! Congratulations! Jillix

Alex said...

Yippee, just ordered mine, can't wait to get them, fantastico xx

Suzy Longbottom said...

Wow! They are absolutely fantastic. I'd love to buy some when they are available. Well done you!!! You must be so proud :)

Clairlou said...

YEAh - ordered mine last nite on website - thought I was going to have to get up early on saturday morning and do it - cant wait for them to arrive.

Congrats again

Michelle said...

YAY!! I have got mine now too :0) I bet they will sell out very fast!! Thank you for producing a lovely stamp set Kerry, so happy for you. Can't wait till they arrive and I can have a play! :0) xx

DippyDebbie1982 said...

Hi Kerry
Your stamps are great. I noticed the thread on Docrafts and had to have a peep.
I will be ordering thm from the Debbi Moore site when i get paid next week.
You really deserve the recognition that you are getting and hope you have great success.
Well Done
DippyDebbie1982 - Docrafts member

Cass said...

I ordered mine yesterday.Didn't want the chance of not getting stamps from my favourite designer! Well done you,I can't tell you how happy I am for you.I did another wee dance....and NO you don't want to see it....pmsl
Bet you're "having more than a nice few days"....hehe

Cass xxx

Lynsey said...

I ordered my stamps today! I can't wait to get them. You must be delighted kerry! Well done again! xx

nessy said...

have ordered mine last night kerry!! cannot wait to use them!!
congratulations again , vanessa xx

Marijke said...

Wow wat fabulous stamps!!! I want them!!!! Can I also order them...I live in the Netherlands!!

elisa said...

Hi.I remember seeing your doodles on docrafts long ago.I dont go on docrafts anymore,but I am delighted I found you again as I loved your doodles.I think I will have to buy a set.Well done to you,you must be absolutely delighted.x

Marijke said...

thanks Kerry for helping me. I will send them an e-mail and I hope they can help, because I don't have a credit card, only paypall. And I can't find if they accept that too.
Ooo I forgot to make wonderfull cards!!!
Is it okay if I link you on my blog so you will become famous in the Netherlands too!!

Beth said...

Congratulations Kerry! Your doodles are fabulous, I'll be back on pay day!! Beth x

tracey said...

whoo hoo this is so brilliant. ever since i first saw one of your cards on do crafts i have been waiting. just ordered them now so excited. would be great to have a male set too hint hint .congratulations and good luck xxxxxx

Sharon said...

Hi Kerry
There's a little something on my blog for you. xx
Sharon :-)x

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