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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Washing, washing & more washing!!!.....

Hi all, I hope you are happy & well?!
Back from Tenerife where the weather has been hot, sunny & fab, to.........rain & cold!!! Well can't say I expected anything less lol. I remember saying I had a mountain of ironing before I went away, but you should see it now. I'm sure I didn't pack as much as I came back with!

Anyway, I haven't touched a computer for the last two weeks so I think I might have a bit to catch up with, hopefully I can get round to visiting everyone over the weekend & see what fab things you've been doing. In the meantime I can show you a few cards I made a while back.

I was contacted by docrafts & asked, if I was sent some goodies, could I make a few cards up so as they could be put into the next Creativity magazine, under the 'online talent spot' section. They sent the goodies, I made the cards, hey presto!

The original card which Clare 'spotted' was made for my Mom & Dad. I took a copy of the mag & gave it to my Mom today, of which she thought it was fab that I was in the mag, but really excited that it was her card in
Here are each of the cards I made,

All made with Anita's Classic Black Christmas papers.
Very yummy!!!

I also had a surprise whilst doing a bit of shopping in Asda yesterday when I got back. I tend not to look down the magazine aisle, as the craft mags have a strange habit of jumping into my trolley.....strange but true!!!.......hehe. Anyway, thought I'd have a peek, picked up the latest issue (October) of Cardmaking & Papercraft & spotted two cards on the front made by the very lovely & talented Alex, with the Kerry jo images. My response a verbal "oooooh", which was probably a lil louder than should have been judging by the look on the man walking past at the (obviously not a crafter...) So of course the mag flew into my trolley!

Alex has made five beautiful cards, here they are,
Now all I need to do is get back into my crafting & blogging, that is after the ironing has been
See you soon,
Kerry xxx


Vee said...

Hi Kerry welcome back, glad you enjoyed your holls. The cards you made are gorgeous, as always, look forward to seeing what you get up to heck with the Mine's not done this week either...
x Vee

Trace Dee said...

Hi Kerrie
Nice to see you back after your lovely holiday. Do what i do with my ironing. find a nice lady that likes to iron and pay her. my neghbour loves ironing and charges £10 for 60 send the box over in the morning and it comes back the following day. Gives me a lot more time to craft.

Daysleeper said...

Wow! Beautiful cards. Well done!
Mine will appear in the same feature in November =)
Olga x

kath said...

Nice to have you back Kerry and oh dear's such a pain..makes you wonder if it's worth going on holiday..look forward to seeing lots more of your fab cards

maria's cards said...

A great selection of cards Kerry. Love them all. Thank you for the freebie footballer I had great fun using him on a card. Maria x

Love to Doodle! said...

Welcome back Kerry and congrats on your magazine work - soooooo deserved..Can't wait to see all your fabby christmas creations now xx

Natalie said...

Hi Kerry, glad you had a good holiday. I love your black and white christmas cards, they are very classy. You must be so proud to see your stamps featured in such a great mag. x

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back and glad you had a great time...and Yaaah `Congrats` on your oubs...
Enjoy the rest of the weekend....

Emma said...

Kerry you have been so missed but its wonderful seeing you in print! Hope you had a great time away and catch up with you soon. Hugs Emma.x

Julie said...

Hi Kez

What a surprise to come back to!
So exciting seeing your cards and stamps in magazines. Keep up the good work. x

Vicki said...

Hey you!!!! it's great to have you back, really missed you but glad you enjoyed your holiday, too bad you've got all that washing & ironing to do, that's the only downside to going on!!!

Fabby cards and how lovely to see your creations in magazines, you must be soooooo chuffed, well done Kerry. I bought some of that black & white christmas paper pad ages ago and not used it, shall have to dig it out and have a play.

Hope you get a little 'kerry' time throughout the week while your boys are back at school. Take care, speak soon, lovely to 'see' you xx vicki xx

Stacey said...

Glad to have you back - I missed your lovely creations! Congrats on your magazine spread too - the cards are beautiful, love the mono colour scheme ~x~

Zoe said...

Hi Kerry, glad you had a nice holiday and got some sunshine. Congrats on getting your cards/images in the magazines, what a star you have become! The christmas cards are really beautiful. I've not seen those papers before and I might just have to go and have a look now!


Glad youhad a good holiday, but good to see you back. What beautiful cards for Do-crafts, well done you. So talented!
Hugs Linda x

Vicki said...

Hey Kerry !!!!!!

me, when you have a mo there's an award on my blog for you.

Hope your getting through that pile of washing/ironing....pmsl!!!

(((hugs))) xx vicki xx

Cass said...

Hi Kerry,
Great so see you back,you've been missed.Hope you had a fab holiday and are getting through the ironing.I saw you in the magazine.Well done and I'm really not surprised.The cards are gorgeous.They've got a lovely,elegant classy look.
Cass xxx

kim-paperbabe said...

Hi Kerry, well I'm glad your back too and then we can get to see more of your wonderful creations! Love the B&W very elegant!
Well done & congrats on both mags, So deserved! Kim x

Julie said...

Hi Kerry, congratulations but it was bound to happen sooner or later you do such lovely work

pickle said...

Glad to see you back and that you had a good holiday.
What fabulous cards and congrats on them being published!
Kerry x

Dawny P said...

Hi Kez, glad you are back but major big bums re the ironing - dohhhh. Almost makes you sorry you went...but not quite eh lol xxxx Gorgeous b&w cards and I saw the article with alex's cards. They do look pretty fab I have to say. Hope you are ok xxxxx

Alex said...

Hey Kerry, glad you had a fabby holiday, and wow to your cards.

Am glad you liked what i did with your stamps, I was soooo nervous lol


Alex xx

Vee said...

Hi Kerry, I have left an award on my blog for you. Thanks for the inspiration you have given me. Hope you are okay havent seen you on here for ages.. xx Vee

Caroline said...

Lovin these papers myself not used mine yet. Hope they will look as stunning as yours!